08/05/2018 21:11 BST

Google's AI Assistant Can Now Make Phone Calls For You

Want to book a hair appointment? Google's AI will do it on your behalf.

Google has unveiled a brand-new feature that allows Google Assistant to actually make phone calls on your behalf.

Known as Google Duplex, the new AI was revealed at the Google I/O developer conference and allows you to book an appointment at a hairdressers or doctors without you ever having to say a word.


Instead you simply say “Hey Google, book a hair appointment for tomorrow between 10-12”.

Google Assistant will then call your hairdresser and have a fully flowing conversation with them in the background without you having to do a thing. Once the booking is made users are sent a notification confirming the time and date.

You can listen to real examples of it in action here and here.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said the firm was working hard to get the technology right, adding the company help to improve it further before releasing it.

Stephen Lam / Reuters

As such you won’t be able to use it straight away but Pichai did say that the company was going to start doing some major tests with the technology in the Summer.

In addition to this new feature the CEO unveiled that Google Assistant would soon be available in six completely new voices starting today.

In addition, it revealed that it would start adding more familiar voices soon with the first coming courtesy of John Legend.

Artificial intelligence was a key theme at the event, where Google also laid out plans to use AI to help users spend less time on their phone and other devices.

Mr Pichai unveiled features that use machine learning to understand user habits and help them switch off from their phone when necessary.