The Most Scathing Takes On The UK Government's 'Utterly Absurd' Covid Strategy As Cases Soar

"The government clearly don't have any meaningful plan, other than 'let's see how bad things get before we do anything'."

Covid cases are soaring and the UK has become one of the worst coronavirus hotspots in the world – so people are understandably frustrated that the government is not really reacting.

Health secretary Sajid Javid even admitted on Wednesday that cases could even hit 100,000 a day.

Yet, the government is not planning on changing its current approach to handling the pandemic and has already ruled out any chance of a winter lockdown.

Restrictions have not been in place since Freedom Day, July 19, and masks are no longer mandatory in most settings in England.

The UK will be buying 730,000 doses of two new antiviral treatments for Covid once approved, but for many, it’s already too late and the government needs to enact ‘Plan B’ of its Covid strategy by bringing back more controls.

Javid did, however, claim there was no plan B at the moment – despite pleas from NHS representatives to act now before its late.

People were quick to share their frustration and scathing analysis on the government on Twitter.


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