Grassroots Out's EU Referendum Campaign Poster 'Corrected' By Anti-Brexit Commuter

They won't have expected that!

An inventive commuter has taken it upon themselves to 'correct' some of the perceived mistruths of an advert criticising the EU.

The original poster featured on a page of London's Evening Standard newspaper, and decried the EU had presided over "crisis after crisis after crisis".

The Grassroots Out plea advised voters to back 'Brexit' with a number of points to support their claim.

But each one was taken to task by an aggreived commuter, who decided to make some 'corrections' to the ad.

Responding to the campaign's claim "immigration is out of control", for example, they wrote simply: "Is it? The problems in the Middle East are out of control!"

Regardless of its scientific value, the effort still won plenty of plaudits.

It comes days after a Facebook user boiled down the debate raging over Britain’s membership of the EU into a simple analogy most people were actually be able to understand.

After cries of foul play and ‘project fear’ from both sides, Iain Black used the ordinary example of a night out to simply explain his concerns about the ‘Leave’ campaign.

He suggested it was an argument akin to when party-goers decide to switch nightclubs but later realise their mistake.

While admitting that “there are problems with the EU“, Black suggested that “without a decent follow-up plan” voters in an independent Britain would be much like the clubbers left “standing in a kebab shop arguing about whose fault it is”.

He wrote: