New Dad Grieving Loss Of His Own Father Tells Newborn 'It's OK To Cry' As He Gets Vaccinations

The video of the encounter has been viewed 13 million times.

A new dad who was grieving the loss of his own father was filmed telling his newborn son “it’s OK to cry” during a visit to the paediatrician.

Antwon Lee, from the US, went to the doctors on 26 October with his two-month-old son, Debias, to get the baby’s standard vaccination injections.

It was the same day his own dad, Anthony Lee, had died from “complications during drinking” at just 57 years old, according to ABC News.

Lee was filmed telling his newborn to “stay strong” in the touching encounter, which has been viewed more than 13 million times on Facebook.

The two-minute video shows the dad cradling his son, squeezing his son’s hand when he’s lying on the bed and rocking his son when the injections are over.

Lee wrote on Facebook following the video going viral: “I really appreciate all the love everyone has shown with the video of Debias.

“Thank y’all for the likes and shares.”

Speaking to ABC News about the doctor’s visit, Lee said: “It was very hard, I felt his pain but at the same time, it was all about love. I know he felt the love because his daddy was there.”

The new dad thought it was “amazing” that the video had gone viral, as it was a really hard day for him.

He added: “That night I [spoke] to my son and I let him know: ‘Son, I want to see you succeed before I die, I’ve got to see you succeed’.”

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