08/10/2018 11:33 BST | Updated 08/10/2018 11:33 BST

Halloween Craft For Kids: How To Make Flying Bat Decorations

'My kids loved making them, especially getting messy with black paint.' 🦇


To inspire you to get crafty with your kids this Halloween, we asked some of the best craft bloggers to share their easy makes. 

If you’re throwing a Halloween celebration at home, what could be more spooky – and fun! – than hanging these goofy flying bats from your lampshades and window frames. Kerry Dawson, who blogs at Blissful Domestication, made these with her kids when they were just three and four, so it’s an ideal craft for doing with little ones. 

“My kids loved making them, especially getting messy with black paint,” she says. “I’d say aprons and newspaper for the table are definitely required. The kids also loved glueing the wings and features on when our painted toilet rolls turned into proper little bats.”


What you need:

- Toilet rolls

- Black paint (or a big black marker)

- Black and white card

- Googly eyes

- Glue

- Cotton or string to hang. 

How to make them: 

1. Pinch each end of the toilet rolls together, so they form a kind of dip – these make your bats’ ears and feet. Then paint the loo rolls black.

2. To make the bats’ wings, draw and then cut the shapes out of black card (or white card painted black – whatever you have handy). Attach them to the back of the toilet roll with glue.

3. Stick on the googly eyes and cut out a mouth with fangs from white card, then stick it into your bat’s body. Kerry used cute pompoms for their noses – you could also try buttons or just little balls of paper in fun colours.

4. Pierce a small hole in the top when dry and thread through some cotton or string. Then just hook them from something high up! 


Read Kerry’s full instructions on how to make the bats on her blog here.