Halloween Costumes: This 'BBC Kid' Halloween Costume Is So On Point Because We Should All Be More 'Hippity Hoppity'

All the feels and LOLs.

Of all the genius Halloween costumes of 2017, this one of the ‘BBC Kid’ that crashed her father’s live interview on BBC News, is our fave.

CNN politics video producer Brenna Williams paid homage to the sassiest news broadcast of the year in which four-year-old Marion interrupted her father, political scientist Robert. E. Kelly, in the middle of the live discussion about the impeachment of South Korea’s president Park Geun-hye.

Loveable chaos ensued as her sibling, a baby in a walking chair, also glided into the hilarious scene and Marion quickly earned fans with her ‘hippity-hopppity mood’.

The video went viral and will forever be remembered as one of the more uplifting moments of 2017.

It’s not difficult to see why Williams would want to recreate it.

Williams’ colleague shared another snap of the ‘BBC Kid’ costume on Twitter.

Evidently, Williams stayed in character all day.

‘BBC Kid’ is practically a celebrity: first costumes, then art.

Check out this cute meme shared on Twitter.

And for those of you who took part in the was-it-the-nanny-or-the-mum debate, see for yourselves:


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