16/03/2017 09:54 GMT

BBC Interview Kid Who Interrupted Dad Robert Kelly Stole The Show Yet Again At Press Conference

Marion Kelly is so sassy. 🙌

The four-year-old who famously crashed her dad’s BBC interview has stolen the limelight from her parents yet again.

Marion Kelly got dressed up for her first ever press conference, where her dad, Robert Kelly, discussed the hilarious episode that got worldwide attention.

“We love our children very much and are happy that our family blooper, our family error, there on television brought so much laughter to so many people,” Kelly said during the conference on Wednesday 15 March. 

But naturally, people’s attention was drawn to Marion, who was sucking her lollipop and taking events in her stride.

And, quite frankly, looking a little bored.

Kelly said he had thought the BBC interview was a “disaster” and cleared up any concerns that it was a stunt (it wasn’t). 

“We were mortified,” he said. “We assumed that no television network would ever call me again to speak.”

But he said he has been “flattered” by the positive reaction.

People on Twitter were less interested in what he had to say, and more interested in Marion’s winning outfit and reactions. 

By the end of the press conference, she wasn’t even at the table. 

What a star. 

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