09/10/2018 09:27 BST

Halloween Craft With Kids: How To Make Toilet Roll Tube Monsters

Perfectly imperfect.


To inspire you to get crafty with your kids this Halloween, we asked some of the best craft bloggers to share their easy makes. Find other Halloween ideas here

If your kids enjoy making decorations for Halloween – or just getting sticky and creative for a couple of hours – then dig out your glitter pens, paints, and stickers out to create some toilet tube monsters.

One of the best part of making these – from a parent’s perspective at least! – is that you’ll likely find most of materials around the house or in your craftbox if you have one. Also they don’t have to look perfect - in fact the more imperfect they are, the better. 

Jennifer Jain, from Worthing, often gets crafty with her two kids, aged seven and nine. She came up with these monsters and made them a couple of years ago. “They are really fun for little ones because they can be customised in all sorts of different ways depending on what you have around,” she says.

What you need:

- Toilet rolls

- Googly eyes 

- Colouring pens and/or paint

- Any additional crafty bits - pipe cleaners, feathers, pom poms 

- Glue.


How to make them:

1. Paint the tubes in a variety of jolly and interesting colours and remember, the messier the better. Wait for them to dry before continuing to decorate them.

2. This is the part when you create your monster. “We worked on monster hands and feet first,” says Jennifer. “I cut out some feet from glittery card, and laid out lines of glue for my daughter to stick pom poms in place.”  

3. Jennifer created the hands by cutting them out of craft foam, but you could do the same with paper or cardboard and stick them on the end of pipe cleaners. Once the googly eyes are in place, decorate the body using feathers, stickers and any other crafty bits you have lying around. 

“We ended up creating our own monster family using lots of different scraps and embellishments, and the children were so pleased with them,” says Jennifer. “It’s a really fun craft for children of all ages, and easy to do with all the crafty bits and pieces that you tend to collect when you have small children around.”


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