Halloween Makeup Ideas 2016: From Sexy Zombies To Scary Vampires

Some of these are not for the faint of heart.

Thanks to Instagram, easy Halloween makeup looks are just a click away - with the world’s top makeup artists sharing their spookiest tutorials.

To make it even more simple (we know you’ve still got some costume hunting to do) we’ve rounded up 10 sexy and scary ideas to help you nail it this All Hallows’ Eve.

From traditional zombies, skeletons and vampires, to jaw-dropping new takes on cats and clowns, prepare to be seriously inspired.

1. Halloween Cat Makeup

A photo posted by Ellie H-M (@ellie35x) on

2. Zombie Makeup

A photo posted by Beth Owen (@bethowenxo) on

3. Halloween Broken Doll Makeup

4. Vampire Makeup

A photo posted by Krysti (@krysti_ellen) on

5. Devil Halloween Makeup

6. Skeleton Makeup

7. Ouija Board Makeup

8. Halloween Clown Makeup

9. Ice Queen Makeup

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