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Handmade Mother's Day Cards From Kids: Design Inspiration To Make With Your Children

Ideas that aren't Pinterest-type hard. 🎨

Let’s face it, when children are still young, all mums love to receive homemade cards from them. These works of art usually take pride of place on the fridge for months, or even years, despite the fact they’re usually made from a plain piece of paper decorated with scribbles, glitter and stickers. We still love it. 

Mum Nikki Vivian, 35, from Cardiff, said she always loves the homemade cards she gets from her kids each year. Her four-year-old daughter made the below for her last Mother’s Day. “It’s me eating all the cakes in my favourite green dress with the rest of our family,” said Nikki.  

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Nikki Vivian

Mum Kelly Pietrangeli, 51, from London, also shared a homemade card on a poster board that her sons, now 12 and 15, made her three years ago (which came along with breakfast in bed = winner).

“They still make me heartfelt, handwritten cards every year but this was the huge joint card they made for me,” she said. 

Kelly Pietrangeli

If you want to get crafty before Sunday, we’ve scoured Instagram for five completely do-able yet adorable cards you could create with your kids.

1. Annotated Flower

You will need: Coloured paper, pens, scissors, glue.

Optional: Green paint for finger painting on the flower stem. 

2. Extending Hands

You will need: White paper, scissors, coloured pens, glue.

Optional: Glitter to decorate.

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3. Cupcake Handprint

You will need: White paper or card, coloured paint, coloured paper, glue, pens.

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4. Button Quote

You will need: White paper or card, loose buttons, a pen glue.

5. Glitter Mad

You will need: White paper, glitter, coloured paper, glue, pens.

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