Harry Dunn's Parents To Launch Legal Action Against Trump Administration Over 'Lawless Misconduct'

The family of the teenage crash victim are also launching a civil claim against suspect Anne Sacoolas.

The family of Harry Dunn – a teenage motorcyclist killed in a crash in August – have revealed plans to sue Donald Trump’s administration, accusing them of “lawless misconduct”.

The 19-year-old was killed outside RAF Croughton after his motorbike crashed into a car driven by Anne Sacoolas – the wife of a US diplomat – who has since admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road.

Teenage crash victim Harry Dunn
Teenage crash victim Harry Dunn

On Tuesday, Dunn’s family confirmed plans to sue Sacoolas, who left the UK in the wake of the crash claiming diplomatic immunity. The case is set to be a “civil claim for damages” against the suspect.

But family spokesman Radd Seiger said that Dunn’s parents would also launch legal action against the president’s administration “for their lawless misconduct and attempt to cover that up”.

“The family did not want any of this,” he said. “They simply wanted the police and authorities on both sides of the Atlantic to do the right thing for them and ensure justice was done.

Spokesman Radd Seiger for the family of Harry Dunn, flanked by mother Charlotte Charles and father Tim Dunn
Spokesman Radd Seiger for the family of Harry Dunn, flanked by mother Charlotte Charles and father Tim Dunn
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“However, that is not what happened and it is now clear that the various agencies involved not only did not do what they were supposed to do, but have in fact become part of the problem. There appears to be widespread misconduct and then an attempt to cover that up.”

Seiger added: “The Trump administration have tried to twist and contort the laws on diplomatic immunity to argue that Mrs Sacoolas should be permitted to skip the UK after her actions and escape justice.

“That is not how it works and the family will not stand for it. They [Dunn’s parents] intend to take their case to federal court and expose the Trump administration’s actions here for what they are, a wanton and total disregard for the law.”

It comes the week after Dunn’s parents Tim Dunn and Charlotte Charles announced plans to take legal action against the Foreign Office over the case and to refer Northamptonshire Police to the Independent Office for Police Conduct for its action during the crash investigation.

Seiger said: “No-one is above the law and the family are determined to ensure that this never happens to another family again. It will be Harry’s memorial. His legacy.”


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