Harry Styles Helps Fan Come Out To Her Mum In Touching Concert Moment

“Thank you for creating a safe place for me. Thank you for helping me know who I am."
Harry Styles
Harry Styles
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Harry Styles touchingly helped a fan come out to her mum during a recent live show.

The singer was playing a show in Milwaukee in the US on Wednesday when he spotted McKinley McConnell holding a sign in the crowd, which read: “My mum is in section 201. Help me come out??”

Video footage shows the moment Harry knelt down and held out a microphone, asking what she would like to tell her mum.

“You don’t have to do it on a microphone,” he said. “I can do it, if you’d like.”

As McKinley said she would like Harry to tell her mum, he ran over to another part of the stage, and shouted in the direction of section 201: “Lisa, she’s gay!”

The moment was met with huge cheers from the crowd, while a woman, presumed to be Lisa, could be seen crying and blowing kisses from the audience on the big screen.

“I don’t want to ruin a moment, but wouldn’t it be nice if you were a bit closer together,” he joked of how far apart they were situated at the Love On Tour gig.

McKinley shared a video of the moment on Twitter, saying it would “actually be with me forever”.

She added of Harry: “Thank you for creating a safe place for me. Thank you for letting me grow along side you as a fan. Thank you for helping me know who I am. Thank you.”

She also shared a snap of her mother with some Harry Styles merchandise, writing: “Everyone meet LISA!!! She is overjoyed & also wanted everyone to know she had the best time & couldn’t stop dancing tonight!!!

“She wanted me to show y’all she got her merch. Thank you all SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE.”

McKinley later told NBC News that her mum was proud of her, saying: “Afterward, she told me, ‘You always had a flair for dramatics’.

“I’m really beyond blessed that both my parents are so supportive. And I think they probably always suspected, even though you try to act like they don’t. She just kept saying she loves me and is proud of me.”


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