Harry Styles Fans Hit Out At Concertgoer After Singer Is Hit In The Eye By Flying Skittle

The singer can be seen recoiling onstage after a member of the audience at his LA gig threw the sweet from the crowd.

Harry Styles fans have blasted a concertgoer after the singer was hit directly in the eye by a Skittle thrown by someone in the audience of a recent gig.

In video clips shared on social media, the As It Was singer can be seen recoiling after he’s hit by the flying sweet on stage at the Los Angeles gig on Monday night.

For the remainder of the show, Harry was seen touching and rubbing his eye and was visibly squinting.

A member of the singer’s band, Pauli Lovejoy, confirmed during an Instagram Live session that it was a Skittle that had been thrown at the singer.

Confirming that luckily Harry’s eye wasn’t injured, Lovejoy said: “But do me a favour – don’t throw no more Skittles on stage.”

Fans of the singer took to Twitter to share their anger at the incident…

This isn’t the first time Harry has been hit by something thrown from the crowd at one of his gigs.

Last month, the singer was seen bent over in pain after one over-zealous fan lobbed an undisclosed item in his direction, only to hit him square in the groin.

After joking he needed to “shake it off”, he then got back in the zone and carried on with the rest of his show.

Anyway, can people stop throwing stuff at Harry please? Thanks.


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