18 Heatwave Purchases To Keep You Cool When It's Hot As Hell Outside

If now's not the time for these wonderfully cooling buys, we don't know when is.
Essentials for staying cool in the heatwave
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Essentials for staying cool in the heatwave

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Hot summer days can be total bliss – that is, if you’re hanging around the pool sipping margaritas. If you’re stuck at home (or in a sweltering workplace), the heat can quickly start to irritate you or even become dangerous.

Being caught in your own personal sauna can make you feel drowsy, irritated and seriously restless. So getting the basics right – like staying hydrated, keeping to the shade where possible, and closing your curtains during the day – is essential.

But to help make this heatwave – and the rest of summer – a little more manageable for you, your kids and your pets, we’ve rounded up some wonderfully cooling buys to beat the heat and actually stay cool.

This folding paddling pool
Designed to be strong and durable, this folding paddling pool is ideal for pets and kids. It's quick and easy to set up and is the perfect depth for little ones.
This oscillating, sleep-safe tower fan
For keeping your room cool at night, this tower fan is ideal. Featuring various fan speeds and a range of breeze settings, this powerful fan works effectively to keep your cool. It also features a sleep timer so you can choose when it turns off, and comes with a handy remote control.
These useful window screens
Want to have your windows open but sick of bugs flying into your home? These magnetic mesh window screens are a game-changer. They're easy to fit and use and will ensure that your home remains cool and bug free.
These silicone ice lolly moulds
Homemade ice lollies can be a great way to stay cool in warmer weather - especially if your local store has sold out of lollies. These silicone moulds come with reusable lolly sticks and handy non-spill lids, making them ideal for the whole family.
These cute ice lolly moulds
Ideal for small children (or pets) these BPA-free plastic ice lolly moulds can be filled with fruit juice, flavoured water or fresh fruit and frozen to create healthy, homemade ice lollies that will help to keep little ones cool.
This wonderfully quiet mini fan
This extra quiet mini fan is wonderfully powerful and ideal for moving around your home thanks to its small, lightweight design.
This cooling neck ice pack
This reusable, freezable gel pack can be placed on your shoulders and neck and used to help you to stay cool when the weather heats up.
This dehumidifier with carbon filter
When the air feels hot and sticky, a dehumidifier can be a complete godsend. This dehumidifier will quickly absorb the excess moisture out of the air, making you feel more comfortable.
These low-cost dehumidifiers
These dehumidifiers offer a non-electric approach to removing excess moisture out of the air. They're just as effective as their electric counterparts but may take slightly longer to work.
This doggy cooling mat
This self-cooling gel pad will help to make sure that your pets don't overheat. No need to freeze or refrigerate, simply pop it on the floor or in your pet's bed to help keep them cool.
This extra long hot water bottle
A hot water bottle might sound odd but swap the hot water for cold, pop the bottle in the freezer for an hour or two, and you've got an extra long, super chilled ice pack.
This mini desk fan
This portable USB fan is deceptively powerful. It's small size makes it easy to move around your home or take it on the go with you, keeping you cool wherever you are.
This cooling gel pillow insert
This smart gel pillow pad effectively transfers heat away from your body, keeping you cool while you sleep. To stay cool for longer, pop the pad into the fridge a few hours before bed so it's nice and cold.
This mister spray
Can't seem to cool down? Fill this mister bottle with icy water and spritz yourself, your kids, or your pets whenever it starts to get too hot.
This heat stopping reflective window film
Sick of heat and sunlight streaming into your home? This reflective window film that's transparent from inside your home but reflective on the outside) is a godsend.
This cooling air purifier
For keeping your home cool without air con, this cooling fan and purifier from Dyson is a total game-changer. It might be pricey but it's definitely worth the cost.
This cooling mattress topper
Slip this self cooling gel pad under your sheet (or place on top) for a cooler and more comfortable night's sleep. To keep it cool for longer, pop it in the fridge for an hour or two before bed.
This cooling blanket
For making sleeping easier, swap your duvet with a two-in-one, anti-allergy cooling blanket that will ensure you stay cool while you sleep, despite the warm temperatures.