Helen Wood Says Injunctions Against Naming Stars Are 'Unfair' As Married TV Actor Takes Out Gagging Order

'Why is it alright for some people to be named, and others not?'

Helen Wood, the Big Brother star and former sex worker involved in a celebrity injunction over a married TV actor, has said that court gagging orders are unfair because "only rich people" can afford them.

Wood, who allegedly had a sexual encounter with an actor whom the British press have been banned from naming, claims she would "definitely" have got an injunction over her past threesome with Wayne Rooney, but could not afford it.

The British press today complained that they were "gagged” by a court order from naming a married A-list TV actor who allegedly slept with with Wood.

The Sun called to be allowed to identify the celebrity, who is set to be named in a US magazine today.

Speaking about her encounter with Rooney and another woman which hit the headlines in 2010, Wood said: "I’d had the chance definitely f***ing [bleeped] got one but I didn’t just have a spare £50k there to go and get it."

In the expletive-laden interview on RT on 22 April, Wood said she had "mixed opinions" on injunctions.

“Everyone should be able to have them, I don’t think it’s fair that only like rich people can be able to have them."

"Why is it alright for some people to be named, and others not? It’s bulls*** and it shouldn’t be allowed, at all.”

Wood said the other woman in the Rooney threesome sold her story to the papers, even though she "begged" her not to use Wood's name.

“She didn’t even need to say my name, I begged her. I said can you just meet me half way and say it was just you, she wouldn’t even do that.”

"£15k and she just sold my name like that."

With her swear words bleeped out, she said: “I think it’s f***ing bad. Why do they do it? Why do people have this intention of shagging someone and then the next morning thinking ‘I’m going to go and make some f***king money off it.’"

“I just don’t get that mindset of somebody jumping into bed and thinking I’m going to f*** this person and then I’m going to sell it the next day. Its weird, its f***ing weird.”

The Big Brother winner reportedly sold her own story about the threesome with Rooney to the papers for £40,000, but has denied that she got involved with him for money.

The star, known in court at 'PJS' fought to keep the reports secret to avoid distress to his children, but publications outside the jurisdiction of the injunction have named the man, including an Australian website.