06/08/2018 13:08 BST | Updated 06/08/2018 14:55 BST

Here's What Creating A Facebook Dating App Profile Looks Like

Could Facebook really take on Tinder?

Facebook has finally started testing its dating app internally.

First unveiled in May at the F8 developer conference, Facebook’s Tinder-rival will run within the Facebook app but remains completely separate from your main profile.

One Twitter user Jane Wong has already managed to gain access and has tweeted what the process of setting up a profile looks like.

As you can see from the tweet above, it looks as though you’ll have a pretty comprehensive range of choices regarding who you are and the type of people you’re interested in meeting on the app.

Once you’ve made your choices you’ll be presented with a profile that’s not that dissimilar from its rivals.

We also know that the service will be completely free and it uses your Facebook profile and friends list to help show off who you are and recommend possible matches to you.

By knowing your friends list, Facebook says it will make sure that it only recommends people who aren’t your friends (avoiding any awkwardness) and unless you directly tell people, Facebook won’t show any indication that you’re using its dating service.


Just like Tinder or any other dating app Facebook Dating will ask you to list your interests, it’s likely that it’ll pull this information from your own Facebook Profile.

There’s also some fun little widgets in there too like “cats or dogs” or “tea or coffee” that you can list on your profile.

Once you’ve matched with someone the app will actually show you their interests and then let you start a conversation based around one of those interests.


So as with any dating app there’s a conversations section where you can chat with your matches.

Facebook claims they will be private messages, although it’s not clear if that means they’ll be encrypted as well (like WhatsApp). They will also be text-only by the looks of it so no pictures or videos.

Finally there looks to be another section called Events and Groups where people will be able to talk and meet over shared interests in an event e.g. a music gig.