'High-End Bleed' Hair Is The New Dip Dye

Think dip dyes you can wear to work.

Think the dip dye look is all but over? Think again. One London salon has revamped the trend for 2016 and Instagram can't get enough.

Not Another Salon, based on Brick Lane, has invented a new technique called the 'high end bleed' - a seamless transition between different hair colours.

Less DIY job, more polished and professional, the salon says their clients are swapping grungy styles for bright colours they can actually wear in the workplace.

Not Another Salon owner Sophia Hilton said the technique was inspired by her customers' evolving lifestyles.

"When my clients were 17 and the dip dye trend first came back, it was all home-dye-esque and we all loved it - but those girls have grown up now and they want to keep their cool image but hit a higher quality," she said.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK, Hilton explains that creating bold looks is not only about the colour, but also educating the clients on how to wear them.

"How do you wear 'unnatural' colours in the workplace?" is a question she frequently gets asked.

"Ok, so we get there are some jobs where you'll never be able to have emerald hair," Hilton explains. "But there are a lot of jobs out there, that with a bit of thought, you can totally pull it off and this is how:

"Firstly, your colour needs to to be immaculate, healthy and expensive looking. You need to look like you are committed, invested and professional.

"Secondly, you need to style your hair with perfect polish.

"However you decide to style it, it must look like you have put time into it. Stay away from a grunge texture and focus on looking well presented."

"Thirdly, stay smart with your clothes and over compensate a little with clean make up," she adds.

"The final tip is to wear it proudly. After all, you had the balls - so basically, you rock."

Feeling inspired by Hilton's advice? Check out our favourite 'high-end bleeds' created at the salon below.