27/01/2017 10:59 GMT

H&M Foundation To Donate Millions Of Dollars To Help Give Refugee Children An Education

Finally some good news.

If you purchased an H&M giftcard over Christmas, we’ve got very good news for you. Your action has helped raised $3.3 million for the education of child refugees.

The non-profit H&M Foundation, which is privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders of high street retailer H&M, will be donating the money to the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency).

 “Refugee children are five times more likely to be out of school than other children. This is why providing the supplies they need to go to school is so crucial,” said Diana Amini, Global Manager for H&M Foundation.

“With this donation, UNHCR can ensure an education for many children in crisis settings around the world.”

Ian West/PA Archive

The donation will go towards providing school supplies, textbooks, education services and specialised support for disabled infants in Chad, Ethiopia, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Uganda and Yemen. 

According to the H&M Foundation only 50% of refugees have access to primary schools and even less have the chance to continue to secondary school.

In fact, refugee children are five times less likely to be enrolled in education than other school-age children.

Lionello Boscardi, UNHCR Head of Partnerships, said: “Education is critical to ensuring that refugee children can go on to lead more productive lives. Yet it remains underfunded.

“Through campaigns like these, the public can make a real difference in the lives of refugee children around the world.”

The money was raised in over 4,000 H&M stores worldwide - whenever a customer purchased a gift card over the festive period, the Foundation made a contribution to the cause.