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Banning the Burqa: Why Germans Get Worked Up About Ladies in Veils

Dyfed Loesche | Posted 23.08.2016 | UK Politics
Dyfed Loesche

But spotting a fully veiled woman at the local IKEA store or the main train station elsewhere in Germany can really get people angry. There's more than one reason as to why burqas, niqabs, hijabs and chadors and the like enrage the regular Joe, or Fritz.

Mo's Double Double - Bringing Us All Closer Together

Steve Symonds | Posted 22.08.2016 | UK
Steve Symonds

So the occasion of Mo's outstanding success provides not merely the opportunity to recall that our country's past, present and future is not and cannot be one of mere isolation from the rest of the world. It is an upbeat reminder that we are lucky it is not. With our world in the grip of a refugee emergency, the sooner we acknowledge this, the better.

Refugees Welcome Here: A Response To The Children Of Syria

Ros Ereira | Posted 19.08.2016 | UK
Ros Ereira

A year ago, an image of the body of a little boy called Aylan Kurdi, washed up on a tourist beach in Bodrun, sparked horror and profound distress around the world. Aylan and his family had been fleeing the war in Syria and were seeking sanctuary and the chance to build new lives in Europe.

Sowing One Million Poppies In A Refugee Camp

Caroline Gregory | Posted 16.08.2016 | UK
Caroline Gregory

As I went about my daily business in camp and across the no-man's land, I started dropping poppy seeds everywhere I went. I filled my pockets and sprinkled them gradually, one million seeds in total, zigzagging across the open space and throughout the narrow alleyways between tents and shelters.

This Student's Chatbot Will Offer Free Legal Aid To The Homeless And Refugees

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 10.08.2016 | UK Tech

It seems there’s no problem that Joshua Browder’s chatbot cannot tackle. First, the Stanford undergraduate programmed the AI assistant to help peo...

People Living In Kenyan Camp Cheer On Refugee Olympic Team

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 10.08.2016 | UK

The refugee crisis has been a hot topic this year and much of the media coverage surrounding the issue has been negative. But at Rio 2016, the Refuge...

Step-Britain: A Mother's View on Refugees and Responsibilites

SJ Snelson | Posted 09.08.2016 | UK
SJ Snelson

It is time to step up and be the step country these children need. I am talking about those 95,000 unaccompanied child refugees, 10,000 of which are...

Did BBC Look at Refugee Life Through Rose Tinted Spectacles?

Sam Slota-Newson | Posted 05.08.2016 | UK
Sam Slota-Newson

It's fantastic to see the media portraying refugees as human and hopeful and the BBC's Our Desert Home is worlds away from the regularly demonised refugees of the tabloids and poisonous political rhetoric of recent months.

This Boy Had Seven Days to Live - The Next 90 Minutes Saved His Life

Ismail Jeilani | Posted 05.08.2016 | UK
Ismail Jeilani

This campaign surpassed borders and colours. The world united for one little boy. The result? A life was saved.

A Doctor's View From a Refugee Camp in Greece: The Refugee Crisis Is a Moral Crisis for Europe

Andrew Moscrop | Posted 03.08.2016 | UK
Andrew Moscrop

Outside the clinic, bleaching beneath the Greek sun, there are rows of tents; accommodation for almost two thousand people. Refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan have lived under these canvases for months already. They have been stranded after Europe closed its borders and the EU devised a controversial and morally compromising plan to return refugees to Turkey. There are more than fifty camps like this in Greece, for tens of thousands of refugees. In this camp, like most others, roughly a third of the inhabitants are children, and many are unaccompanied by family.

UK Failing To Keep Promise To Resettle 20,000 Syrians by 2020

The Huffington Post | Martha Gill | Posted 02.08.2016 | UK Politics

A report has said the UK Government is failing to meet its promise to accommodate 20,000 Syrians by 2020, and called the UK’s coastal security “un...

65 Years of Saving Refugees' Lives

Maurice Wren | Posted 28.07.2016 | UK Politics
Maurice Wren

The refugees' stories I've told here are truly heart rending, but they also fill me with pride and with hope. This is who we are as a country. This is who we must remain. This is Britain at its best.

Scrapping the Minister for Refugees Shows Theresa May's Government Is Shrinking Away From Its Role in Solving the Refugee Crisis

Tim Farron | Posted 25.07.2016 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

The minister, amongst other things, oversaw the implementation of Britain's commitment to take 20,000 Syrian refugees from the region and an additional 3,000 vulnerable refugee children from the Middle East over the course of this Parliament. This process was already moving at a snail's pace - by the end of March of this year only 1,602 people had been resettled in the UK. Now, with no one holding the ball on this issue you have to wonder how anyone can remain optimistic that we will hit this target.

May Under Fire For Axeing 'Minister For Syrian Refugees' Post

The Huffington Post | Paul Waugh | Posted 25.07.2016 | UK Politics

Theresa May has come under fire for axeing the ‘Minister For Syrian Refugees’ post created by David Cameron. The Prime Minister quietly made the c...

When the Skill of Questioning Is Listening: Interviewing Refugees in Europe

Katy Williams | Posted 19.07.2016 | UK
Katy Williams

Having recently undertaken the perilous journey from Damascus to Berlin, researcher and filmmaker Reem Karssli - now seeking asylum in Germany - had a strong connection with the people she interviewed for BBC Media Action's research into the communication needs of refugees in Europe.

#RefugeesWelcome in Birmingham

Ciara Cohen-Ennis | Posted 13.07.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Ciara Cohen-Ennis

The 20th-26th June marked Refugee Week. Many events took place over the course of the week to celebrate refugees in Birmingham, such as the Celebratin...

World Population Day: Building a Sustainable Future

Simon Ross | Posted 11.07.2016 | UK
Simon Ross

We know that population growth exacerbates every challenge we face. To address that, population growth, which is continuing at 80 million a year, should no longer be accepted as inevitable. Instead, we should mark World Population Day by calling on people to have smaller families and advocating for policies that support them, both in the UK and abroad, so that we can build a sustainable future with a healthy environment and decent living standards for all.

What's Next?

Katherine Press | Posted 11.07.2016 | UK
Katherine Press

The first thing I read upon waking today was a twitter alert about the shooting of Philando Castile. Yesterday my morning news was of Alton Sterling. I sat and cried wondering what we can do, when would we start making this world better instead of breaking it apart?

In Changing Times Britain Must Play Its Full Part in Supporting Refugees

Stephen Hale | Posted 08.07.2016 | UK
Stephen Hale

Wow. We certainly live in changing times. As the dust settles, Britain must play its full part in the global response to the refugee emergency and use this unsettling period to renew our commitment to helping people rebuild their lives in safety. The EU Referendum is of course the most momentous of the many changes in recent weeks. But it's not a turning point for Britain's approach to asylum seekers and refugees. UK refugee policy is made in London not Brussels.

A Global Welcome

Angela Junanto | Posted 01.07.2016 | UK
Angela Junanto

I have lived in many places. Togo, France and Indonesia have all been my home and I know that when we move to a new country, a warm welcome makes all the difference.

From Syria With Love

Alison Williams | Posted 01.07.2016 | UK
Alison Williams

Ahmad is a Syrian Kurd who fled Isis. After his death-defying escape from Syria, he arrived in the UK via the region's refugee camps, offered sanctuary in the UK through the government's Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme and has received the warmest of welcomes thanks to the people of Totnes.

Sands of Time: The World's Largest Refugee Camp Turns 25

Luke Browne | Posted 30.06.2016 | UK
Luke Browne

Most conflicts now burn on for an average of 37 years, and those uprooted by them are crying out for a humanitarian response that reflects this. If a new deal for Kenya is realised over the coming months, Dadaab may no longer remain an anachronism. It could, with the right imagination, political drive and institutional support, come to represent the future.

Post-Brexit: Tackling of Inequality and Hatred Must Be Priorities

Qari Asim | Posted 30.06.2016 | UK Politics
Qari Asim

There is no doubt that the repercussions of this historic vote will be felt for many years, and potentially decades, to come. But this decision of over 17 million people must be respected and we must remain positive. Now is not the time for fall outs. Unity, stability, reconciliation and tackling of inequality and bigotry must be our priorities post-Brexit.

The Referendum Has Been a Victory for Scaremongering... But No-One Else Has Won

Kate Milner | Posted 28.06.2016 | UK Politics
Kate Milner

Like many people, it's taken me a while to get my thoughts together post-Referendum. It's been four days and no, I'm still not over it. It's hard to get over it when all around seems to be crumbling.

Brexit Was Just Like Hansel and Gretel, But With Nigel Farage Instead of the Cannibalistic Witch

Sophia Hyatt | Posted 27.06.2016 | UK Politics
Sophia Hyatt

Ironically, anti-immigration press attention could counteractively lead to the type of homegrown terrorism its readers are seeking to prevent. While there appears to be no single reason to account for what leads a person onto the path of extremism, there is a close-knit relationship between marginalisation and radicalisation.