27/04/2020 14:53 BST | Updated 27/04/2020 18:43 BST

Holly Willoughby Is Victim Of Hilarious Prank By Bradley Walsh During Chaotic This Morning Homeschooling Phone-In


Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in fits of giggles during Monday’s This Morning when a phone-in on homeschooling descended into chaos.

A caller called ‘Roger’ asked for help because he had been struggling with homeschooling his son James.

Meanwhile, James told the hosts that his father was too strict, including being made to wear a shirt and tie for lessons and call him Mr Smyth.

“I’m just really fed up to be honest,” James said.

“If I’m not down at eight o’clock in the morning in the living room he makes me have detention. I actually don’t mind that because it’s in my bedroom.”

Midway through the call, ‘Roger’ started bellowing at his wife ‘Audrey’ to answer the doorbell, causing Holly, Phil and Vanessa Feltz to descend into fits of laughter.

James added: “He really is taking it too far. If I need to go to the loo, he makes me put my hand up and everything. We went on a school trip to the spare room.”

‘Roger’ then grilled Holly, asking her: “Holly, I understand you have three or four children and if they were to be unruly you would have to discipline them, surely?”

She replied: “Well, I mean at the moment I think everyone is going through quite a tough time and mine are behaving quite well. They all have their moments.”

After an advert break, Holly told viewers: “Just now in our phone-in we spoke to a family who are having a difficult time in lockdown homeschooling, we have contacted them and they are fine and we are just giving them a bit more advice so you don t’need to be worried.”

But all was not quite as it seemed, with Phillip confessing to Holly that she’d been pranked by none other than Bradley Walsh and his son Barney.

The Chase presenter told Holly: “We are making a show from our shed and it was Barns’ idea to ring you up and prank call you.”

A shocked Holly told him: “Oh my God, you’re so naughty.”

Watch the full clip above.