Holly Willoughby On Why New Mums Need To Make Their Wellbeing A Priority

'I used to promptly burst into tears.'

Holly Willoughby believes that while new mums are doing everything they can to look after their newborn, they also need to pay attention to their own wellbeing.

The 35-year-old who is mum to Harry, seven, Belle, five, and 20-month-old Chester, shared her own experiences and views in her parenting guide 'Truly Happy Baby... It Worked For Me'.

She explained new mums need to make keeping themselves healthy a priority and not to hide if they're feeling down.

"I used to announce quite frequently that: 'I'm going to have a cry now' and promptly burst into tears," she said.

"Being emotional is a normal phase that won't last forever."

Willoughby also advised new mums to think of changes to their body as "mummy marks".

"If they weren't there, your little bundle of joy wouldn't be either," she said.

"Your body image mustn't get in the way of your happiness."

Willoughby also covered post-pregnancy symptoms including hair loss and toilet trouble, as well as breastfeeding and confidence issues.

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