14 Easy Ways To Up Your Home Security Now The Nights Are Getting Darker

All the simplest solutions you need to keep your home – and its contents – safe and secure.
All the gadgets and tools your need to protect your pad this winter
All the gadgets and tools your need to protect your pad this winter

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It’s safe to say that tightening up on our home security feels particularly important at this time of year.

Whether you’re apprehensive about leaving your home unmanned over the festive season, keen to keep an eye on any Christmas deliveries left on your doorstep, or simply conscious you often come home when it’s already dark, it pays to be careful.

From hi-tech security systems and smart doorbells to quick and inexpensive lock swaps and sensors, here’s our comprehensive selection of home security must-haves for every kind of space and budget.

Use smart plugs to make your home look inhabited while you’re away
Staying with family for the festive season? Trick potential intruders into thinking you’re still at home by swapping your standard bulbs for smart ones, and plugging them into smart plugs, so you can remotely set your lights to come on at certain times, and therefore make your house look occupied.
Install lockable sash jammers to prevent windows from being levered open
‘Levering’ is a common burglary technique whereby intruders use a crowbar to wedge the window mechanism out of place, and therefore gain access to the property. But these sash jammers are a great way to prevent this, and work on windows that open both inwards and outwards.
Deter intruders by illuminating your garden with motion sensor lights
Burglars love to operate in darkness, so finding a way to illuminate the perimeter of your home is a good deterrence. These four motion sensor lights are super affordable, can be placed anywhere, and are completely solar-powered.
Or go for a jazzy smart one that can be linked up with other devices
This sleek outdoor sensor will shine a light on any activity, as well as automatically switch on at dusk and off at dawn. You’ll need a Hue Bridge in order to make it smart – and this means you’ll be able to set up automations with other smart products, such as making all outdoor lights turn on when motion is detected.
Keep an eye on who’s knocking with a smart doorbell
A Ring doorbell is a great device for protecting and monitoring your home’s perimeter. As well as allowing you to communicate with any visitors via the Ring app, it’ll also notify you if any motion is detected, thanks to its built-in sensors.
Completely arm your home against intruders with this smart security system
This seven-piece set comes with a base station, three entry sensors for chosen doors or windows, a motion sensor, a security alarm system with a keypad, and a CCTV camera with built-in two-way talk. Best of all, you also have the option of signing up to one of the external monitoring plans, where you can guarantee 24/7 protection.
Or go for this slightly cheaper system if you don’t need external monitoring
Less expensive – but still super impressive – this five-piece kit can be controlled from the app, and comes with two entry sensors, a motion sensor, and a keypad alarm that can be alarmed and disarmed in seconds.
Secure flimsy french doors with this police-approved security lock
Designed specifically with dreaded lock snapping in mind, this patented product fits around double doors with two horizontal handles, and holds the mechanism in the locked position even if the exterior handles are removed from the door.
Dogs are a massive deterrent – so make it look like you have one
According to Which, 71% of surveyed ex-burglars and security experts said that a dog being in the home was one of the top deterrents for intruders. So whether you have a pup or not, popping this sign in a visible spot could be enough to prevent a break-in.
Pop these brilliant smart sensors on your windows and doors
When installed on a window or door, this handy sensor will inform you via the Apple HomeKit app whenever a status change is detected. With a quick check of the app, you’ll be able to see at a glance exactly when any door or window was opened, and for how long.
Install this bestselling CCTV 3-camera system for constant surveillance
By using the Blink Home Monitor app with these three outdoor cameras, you’ll be able to receive alerts whenever motion is detected, and see and speak to any visitors in real time – even if it’s dark – thanks to the handy infrared night vision camera.
Or try this more affordable security camera if you’ve got less ground to cover
If your home doesn’t have a garden or rear entrance, then chances are you’ll only need one camera. This one has great reviews, is really affordable, and gives you access to its high-definition live feed both day and night.
Keep valuables in an alarmed safe in case an intruder does gain access
Clearly, the aim is for no one to gain access to your home. But if they do, it’s best to have important bits like documentation and precious jewellery stores away in a safe. This one can be fitted to the wall or floor, and will trigger a loud alarm if the safe is in any way tampered with, or if the wrong 8-digit code is entered more than three times.
Make your shed more secure by fitting a battery-powered alarm
Simple yet effective, this wireless alarm is ideal for placing inside your shed in case anyone tries to break into it. When motion is detected, entrants will have ten seconds to put in the correct 4-digit pin code, before a loud alarm is sounded.

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