Here's How Celebrities Are Keeping Their Kids Busy During Lockdown

From Stacey Solomon to Amy Schumer, everyone's a stay-at-home dancer, baker and hairstylist now.

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Never has it been more obvious that celebrities are just like the rest of us than during lockdown.

We might feel we’re going slightly mad, stuck at home with our children, but it’s a small comfort to know that we’re really not alone – and that even Stacey Solomon is struggling.

The mum-of-three posted a shot on Instagram on Mother’s Day of her with her children and the message: “I know it’s hard, Mama. I know it can be hard to get up every day and have these little people rely on you. I know it’s hard to feel like sometimes your world is so small. I want to remind you, you are the world.”

Solomon also shared a candid snap a week ago of herself sitting in a paddling pool with her third son, Rex, 11 months, saying: “We decided to get the paddling pool out today – we were going to wait until Rex’s birthday next month but knowing our luck it would snow.” She said he climbed in and out of it “all day” – other than when he was sleeping.

And she isn’t the only celebrity to divulge what she’s up to with her kids during self-isolation.

Amy Schumer shared this adorable video of her son – previously named Gene Attell Fischer until she realised it sounded too much like ‘Genital’, so changed it to Gene David Fischer – watching his first movie with his dad. The movie?

Fantastic Mr. Fox, of course.

Holly Willoughby showed that she’s putting her baking skills to the test during isolation, by making an ice-cream birthday cake for her daughter, Belle.

The mum-of-three shared a photo of herself next to her little girl, with the caption: “Today’s project... making an ice cream cake for Belle’s birthday on Tuesday... Never done it before, will report back once we reveal it!” And if the ‘after’ pictures are anything to go by, it was a stone cold success.

Unlike Dawn O’Porter’s ‘melty’ cupcake bakes. We’ve all been there, Dawn

Gemma Atkinson shared this highlgy relatable image of her trying to work from home with partner Gorka Márquez and baby Mia, nine months. “Working from home is going well,” she quipped. “Thank you to Gorka for having 3 solid hours with Mia in between making our tea... which clearly he’s coping well with.”

Meanwhile, Peter Andre has been doing some more... unusual activities with his kids. He’s cut his son Junior’s hair, choreographed a dance and let his children loose with a hose in the garden. He’s also shared his experiences of homeschooling.

Andre hasn’t been the only celebrity turning to music and dance to see his family through isolation – Ashley Banjo shared this amusing video to Instagram of himself and his heavily-pregnant partner Francesca Abbott dancing (kind of) – in their dressing gowns.

The couple gave birth to their second child, baby boy Micah, at the end of March, and the dancer shared this adorable photo of the family of four.

Even the royal family are struggling to balance with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge admitting on breakfast TV – via a video call, what else? – that they haven’t even told George, Charlotte and Louis it’s the Easter holidays. Kate also revealed they’ve been indulging in a bit of indoor camping – like other families.

Meanwhile, our real queen Amanda Holden has been getting into the spirit of a sunny lockdown by taking part in a cartwheel contest with her daughter, Hollie. She posted this cute video to her Instagram page. She also posted a speeded-up video of the process of dyeing Hollie’s hair rose pink.

And even Victoria Beckham has been posting pics of the daily family bike ride.