01/08/2017 17:07 BST

Facebook Spaces: Inside The Social Media Giant's Latest VR Offering

It's pretty trippy

Facebook’s latest vision of how you’ll connect with your friends will make Snapchat, InstaStories and WhatsApp calls look and feel like ancient history.

Facebook Spaces is a virtual reality app that helps you connect with people from the most bizarre places around the globe including space, the Taj Mahal and pretty much anywhere virtual (oh and don’t panic, there are virtual selfie sticks to capture the moment).

Even if you get past the giant Oculus Rift goggles you have to wear to access the virtual space, once you’re in virtual reality, you have to eat an orb to make a “Space” appear. Told you it was trippy.

Aside from the orbs and the ability to transport yourself anywhere , Facebook Spaces is hoping that it will help people connect on a deeper level. 

Rachel Franklin, head of Facebook’s social VR, told HuffPost UK that the tech addresses our “fundamental need to be with people.”