How Good Is Your Drawing? Try And Beat Google's AI In A Game Of Google Quick Draw

Well that was embarrassing.

We were never under the illusion that we were Pablo Picasso in hiding, but the prospect of drawing a stick man didn’t seem like it would pose too much of a challenge.

That was until Google’s latest artificial intelligence experiment Quick, Draw! was introduced to our lives.

Google Quick Draw

The (highly addictive) website allows you to test just how good the tech giant’s AI software is at recognising illustrations.

You are given an object to draw in under 20 seconds, and the AI gives you realtime feedback as you put pen to paper.

Google Quick Draw

Although the game is meant to be testing the neural network’s recognition skills, after a while, (particularly when it tells you that you’ve left it ‘stumped’), it does start to feel more like the game is assessing your drawing capabilities.

Google Quick Draw

But our humiliation is all for a good cause, because just by playing, users are helping to grow the database of reference that makes the AI smarter.

And of course eventually take over the world.