Online Calculator Reveals How Much Of Your Life You've Spent Asleep (And Dreaming About Sex)

That's a lot of zzzs.

A new online tool reveals how much of our lives we've spent asleep - and the numbers are pretty shocking.

For instance, this is how many years the average 24-year-old has spent snoozing:


The calculator, created by researchers at interior design company Hillarys, also reveals how many hours we're likely to have spent dreaming about certain topics such as sex, money and food.

For example, the average 24-year-old will have spent 849 hours dreaming about sex, 531 hours dreaming about eating and 106 hours dreaming about money.

That's a hell of a lot of time.

JGI/Tom Grill via Getty Images

Of course, the amount of sleep we get per night will vary from person to person. But when you look at the figures for the average person your age, it's still pretty eye opening.

To find out your stats, enter your age in the tool below.


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