Jeremy Corbyn Quiz: How Much Of A Corbynista Are You?

QUIZ! How Much Of A Corbynista Are You?

Of all the politicians currently stalking the halls of Westminster, none has quite the enthusiastic following than that of Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbynistas praise his honesty and socialist values as a breath of fresh air in today’s political landscape and they aren’t shy about shouting about it.

Critics however, claim they are almost cult-like, holding up the Labour leader as a modern-day Messiah whilst accusing anyone thinks otherwise of being part of an anti-Corbyn conspiracy to protect the Blairite elite.

So, where do your views lie? Find out with a quiz that will test your own ideals as well as your knowledge of the man himself...

(Answers can be found at the bottom of the article past the giant marrow picture. NO PEEKING.)

Jeremy Corbyn and his giant marrow.
Jeremy Corbyn and his giant marrow.
Jonathan Brady/PA Archive


1) Corbyn was first elected MP for Islington North in 1983.

2) Long-renowned for his scruffy attire, Corbyn made his first major foray into neck-wear as Labour leader on Remembrance Sunday last year.

3) He did in fact only gain E-grades.

4) UB40 are a pop-reggae band of course, their name referring to the form issued to people signing on for unemployment benefits when they formed in the late 70s.

5) It was the Morning Star.

6) Corbyn is famed for shunning fancy cars in favour of his bicycle and public transport but he recently gained notoriety for a poorly-executed publicity stunt filmed on a train floor.

7) It was of course for not paying his poll tax.

8) Last month Corbyn claimed Bernie Sanders had sent him a message of support only for Sanders to subsequently deny it ever happened.

9) It was “most rebellious”, although we’re sure he makes a cracking brew.

10) Corbyn is a vegetarian and looks fantastic posing with a giant specimen.

Jonathan Brady/PA Archive

11) It was £8.75 for a printer cartridge. It was the lowest expenses claim that year although 78 MPs claimed for nothing at all.

12) Owen Jones shares Corbyn’s socialist values (though they don’t always see eye-to-eye). Owen Smith is his leadership rival. The other two Owen’s have no place in this quiz and if you picked them neither do you.

13) It was the House of Commons. Here’s the classic clip of him being interviewed on it whilst wearing a jumper knitted by his mother.

14) Corbyn voted Remain but took a while to say so and with his history of hostility to the EU, rumours were rampant.

15) If you’re a true Corbynista you don’t read the biased MSM, just the bastion of impartiality, The Canary.


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