How Often Should My Baby Poo? Paediatrician Explains The Importance Of Getting To Know Your Baby's Bowel Habits

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As a new parent, it’s hard to know what is considered “normal” when it comes to your baby’s bowel movements.

So how often should your baby be pooing? Well it depends on the baby, according to paediatrician Dr Keir Shiels.

“Many babies may be pooing several times a day but others may be pooing only once a week and that too can be normal,” he said.

“People worry their baby is constipated because they are not pooing as much other babies in their NCT class, but as long as they are comfortable and not crying, bloated or refusing feeds, that’s just their normal bowel habit.”

Dr Shiels said breastfed babies are likely to poo more frequently than bottle-fed babies, but getting to know your little one’s habits is the most important.

To find out what to do if you are worried your baby may be constipated, watch the video above.

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Baby 101’ is HuffPost UK’s parenting video series with paediatrician, Dr Keir Shiels, addressing topics mums and dads may face in their first year of being a parent. From colic to trapped wind, crying babies and their nappy contents, he answers some of the most common questions new parents have.

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