Dad Demonstrates How To Calm Toddlers Before Long Flights So You Can Get Some Peace And Quiet

Worth a try.

Parents know only too well how stressful a flight can be with a toddler who just doesn’t want to go to sleep.

So one dad has shared his own parenting tactic that tires kids out before they board a flight, giving you peace and quiet for the trip.

“We’ve got a very active baby and she doesn’t like sitting still so this is going to be used a lot before we take off,” dad Jason Peters wrote on YouTube.


It’s pretty simple: send your toddler up a moving walkway at the airport going the opposite way.

“Provided it’s not being used at the time of course,” added the dad.

They’ll use so much energy trying to get to the end that *hopefully* they’ll use the flight for nap time.

Let’s hope anyway.

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