Child Goes Mad With Permanent Marker, Mum Turns To The Internet For Help

Big mistake.

There are certain household items that all parents know do not mix well with children and soft furnishings - makeup, hot drinks and permanent markers.

Now one mum has learned the hard way that no matter how well you think you’ve hidden the Sharpies, your children will always find a way to get their grubby little paws on them.

Australian TV and radio presenter Carrie Bickmore shared a picture of her daughter Evie’s special ‘artwork’ on their white front door with her 360,000 Instagram followers in a bid to work out what to do next.

She said: “Help? First the couch, then the floor, now the front door. I thought I had hidden all the sharpies! Damn it (how do I remove?).”

It wasn’t the first time that Bickmore has had to deal with the consequences of a badly hidden marker pen, having previously found her daughter graffitiing the sofa and the floor.

Fans and fellow parents were quick to offer a concoction of remedies, and they certainly ranged from the usual old wives’ tales to the downright bizarre.

Renette Grubb said: “Deodorant and a paper towel.”

Mish7779 said: “Citrus spray removes everything! Candle wax the whole lot.”

Carmar518 added: “Try eucalyptus oil. Usually gets everything out, good luck.”

But slightly more controversial, Alex Paterra said: “Mayonnaise, my Caz told me at the weekend. Her little girl went around the house. Her partner did it and she was amazed it worked.”

While Marisate said what the rest of us were all thinking: “Ever thought about painting the door black?”

We’re taking notes for next time.