22/11/2017 10:47 GMT | Updated 22/11/2017 11:13 GMT

‘Human Remains’ Dug Up In Stalybridge Aldi Car Park

The remains are believed to be a skull and a shoulder blade.

Suspected human remains have been dug up in an Aldi supermarket car park in Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police were called to the superstore in Leech Street, Stalybridge, on Tuesday afternoon.

Contractors are believed to have uncovered a “skull and a shoulder blade”, both of which appear to be human, the Manchester Evening News reported.

A GMP spokesman said: “Initial enquiries have suggested that the location is a former burial ground on the site of an old chapel.

“Further enquiries are ongoing to ascertain whether or not the remains are human and if they are from an ancient burial ground.” 

A post on the Stalybridge Town Facebook page said: “Although police have yet to confirm, witnesses at the site say that human remains buried face down were uncovered when the heavy machinery began churning up the old public car park behind Melbourne Street in Stalybridge.

“Those of you who have been in Stalybridge as long as me will remember a similar incident further down the same street a few years ago when they dug out the canal through the town centre.

“It was found to be on the plot of an old Methodist cemetery and the remains were all moved and recommitted at an alternative location with the same faith people.

“We expect this will be found to be a similar discovery but still await any official confirmation. We will keep you informed.”

A spokesman for Aldi said the supermarket had no comment on the matter. 

In 2012 scientists claimed they were 99.999% sure that a skeleton with a twisted spine found in a Leicester car park is that of slain King Richard III.