Reading Abbey Could Be Concealing Remains Of Henry I - And He Could Even Be Under A Car Park

Investigations at the ruined abbey have begun.

The search is on for the lost remains of King Henry I in the grounds of a ruined abbey - and there is even the possibility that he could turn up under a car park.

Henry, who was the son of William the Conqueror, is believed to have been been buried alongside his wife under the high altar of Reading Abbey.

The building was largely destroyed during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries but there is no definite record of what happened to the remains.

Henry I was buried under the high altar at Reading Abbey
Henry I was buried under the high altar at Reading Abbey

But experts have now started using ground-penetrating radar to ascertain the extent of the grounds of the abbey, according to the Daily Telegraph.

They have begun investigating the land around St James’ Church, next to the ruined abbey and further work will be done in the abbey church, Forbury Gardens and the car park of Reading Gaol.

The car park of a local school has also been suggested as a possible site as well.

According to the BBC, John Mullaney of the Hidden Abbey Project said: "What we shall discover we do not know - maybe much, maybe little.

Henry I founded Reading Abbey
Henry I founded Reading Abbey
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"I hope all our work will tell us more about one of England's greatest buildings and about the King who was buried in Reading."

It has been more than 150 years since the last comprehensive archaeological investigation took place at the abbey.

Although Henry died in Normandy in 1135, his body was brought to Reading Abbey, which he founded, sewn into a bull’s hide.


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