Experts already believe the site served as more than just a tomb.
Experts believe the body could be the brother of King Saebert.
The first 1,500 photographs are live now.
As part of the archaeology phase of the HS2 rail construction programme, researchers have identified the remains of Captain Matthew Flinders, the navigator who is credited with giving Australia its name.
Off the coast of Cascais, a resort town near Lisbon, archaeologists have found a 400-year-old shipwreck. It contains a wealth of well-preserved cargo, including spices from India, ceramics from China and even cannons.
Some of the structures date as far back as 3600BC.
At this rate, education is only going to be used to ensure you have the basic abilities to move onto the next level
Very little is known about the period before the rise of T. rex.
'Very excited to hear about my late great grand 'mummy'.'