Iain Duncan Smith Has 'Tory Cuts Kill' Graffitied On His Office Door

Former Tory leader and his Labour rival criticise “democracy-hating thugs”.
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Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has had “Tory cuts kill” spray-painted on his office door.

The ex-work and pensions secretary condemned the “intimidation” and “criminal behaviour” which also saw his office daubed with the words “Tories out”.

His opponent in Chingford and Woodford Green, Labour’s Faiza Shaheen also condemned the graffiti.

She revealed she had also faced intimidation and threats, including from “dodgy men”, while on the election campaign trail.

The seat is the scene of one of the election’s most intense battles, with Labour hoping to claim a famous victory by unseating Tory big beast Duncan Smith, who has held the seat for 22 years

It comes amid ongoing concerns about the scale of abuse and threats made against politicians amid heightened tensions sparked by the Brexit crisis.

Duncan Smith posted photos of the graffiti online, adding: “Unfortunately this is what we’ve walked into this morning.

“All opposition candidates must condemn such intimidation and criminal behaviour.

“I have news for these democracy-hating thugs: this will never stop us from campaigning & delivering a Conservatives majority government.”

Shaheen replied: “Of course I condemn this.

“Everyone that comes to our canvassing knows that we go out with smiles and kindness.

“We have also been subject to intimidation and threats - including on the office and dodgy men following me. It’s not on.

“Do please send your CCTV footage to the police.”

The Metropolitan Police has been contacted for comment.


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