19/07/2018 17:26 BST | Updated 19/07/2018 17:26 BST

Iain Lee Addresses 'Car Crash' Radio Show In Which He Asked Listeners Which Animal They'd Have Sex With

'Probably gonna take the next couple of nights off to recalibrate.'

Iain Lee has addressed a recent “car crash” radio broadcast, in which he reportedly branded one listener a “c***” and invited others to discuss which animals they would have sex with if they were forced to.

The comedian and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ star presents a nightly show on talkRadio, and during Tuesday’s live broadcast, things took a strange turn, with Iain going off-topic while chatting to one listener, who phoned in to talk about Donald Trump’s recent UK visit.

“It’s a question we’ve asked before and I’m not afraid to repeat material,” Iain began. “If you had to have sex with an animal, what animal would you have sex with?”

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Iain Lee

When the caller suggested “a man”, Iain stipulated that he would only accept answers from the “animal kingdom”, noting: “I can tell you mine, if it helps… I’ll tell you [my choice]… a cat. I want to say a kitten.”

He then stifled a laugh as his caller suggested that he would “destroy” a cat, and that this “would not be good”.

The Mirror has also reported that during the same broadcast, he told a listener: “You’ve got no excuse for being an absolute c***.”

Iain’s show ended at 1am, at which point he referred to a “proper breakdown” at the beginning of the broadcast, referring to the episode as a “car crash” in a separate tweet.

He also said: “Probably gonna take the next couple of nights off to recalibrate.”

Later, he responded to The Mirror’s reporting on his show, commenting: “This was not a flippant, rude piece. The actual question was ‘if you HAD To have sex with an animal, what would you do it with?’. Not making light of animal sex.

“I prey no one finds themselves in a situation where they HAVE to, I really do.”

A representative for Iain Lee had no further comment when approached by HuffPost UK. We have also contacted talkRadio, and are awaiting a response.

This isn’t the first time Iain has made headlines with his talkRadio slot, previously missing a show when he fell down a well, and later just about making it to air after a separate incident involving an owl attack.

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