Iceland Launches Chocolate-Infused Cheese For Easter (And We're Not Sure How We Feel About It)

🧀 + 🍫 = ?

Following in the success of the now out-of-stock Cheester egg, Iceland has revealed a chocolate-cheese hybrid just in time for Easter.

The retailer is stocking Wensleydale cheese infused with raspberry and white chocolate curls.

The ‘Cheaster Egg’ - which is more a chunk of cheese than an egg - has been described as “the perfect option for those who can’t quite decide between reaching for the cheese board or chocolate this Easter”.

Needless to say, we’re not sure whether to feel appalled or amazed by it.


The concoction was voted for by Iceland shoppers, who had to choose between a ‘cheddar and white chocolate cheaster egg’ or ‘Wensleydale, raspberry and white chocolate cheaster egg’.

The product, made by Ford Farm, costs £3 for 300g and is now available in store and online.

Its arrival comes just one week after the internet fell head over heels for an Easter egg made entirely out of cheese. It is the product of food blogger Annem Hobson who runs the website ‘So Wrong It’s Nom’ and Tottenham-based cheesemakers Wildes Cheese.

The egg is solid and made out of Napier, a hard cheese that’s slightly crumbly, yet creamy in texture.

The Cheester Eggs were on sale for £14.95, however due to high demand they are now out of stock. Perhaps Iceland’s cheesey chocolate number can fill the void?