Iceland's Mince Pies Are Going To Be Sold In... Selfridges

Well this is unexpected (but very well deserved!).

Mince pies made by Iceland (the shop, not the country) are going to be sold in Selfridges stores... We’ll let that sink in for a second.

The budget retailer’s Luxury Mince Pies have been reformulated so they no longer contain the controversial ingredient palm oil and as a result Selfridges have snapped them up.

The luxury retailer will be selling the environmentally-friendly Christmas treats for £1.89 (for a pack of six) in its London, Manchester and Birmingham stores.


Iceland has committed to end the use of palm oil as an ingredient in all own-label food by the end of this year.

Palm oil, found in a range of household products, food items and toiletries, is causing widespread deforestation and destruction of animal habitats.

The edible vegetable oil is derived from fruit grown on the African oil palm tree. Once only found on the continent, the tree is now also grown in Asia, North America and South America to meet rising worldwide demand for palm oil - which is expected to double further by 2050, according to the Rainforest Foundation.

Neil Nugent, head chef at Iceland, said his team has been working hard behind the scenes to redevelop the mince pies.

“I’m extremely proud of the result,” he said. “We were determined that no compromises on taste or quality would be made through our palm oil removal project and this year’s mince pies, and Selfridges’ decision to stock them, is proof of that.”

A Selfridges spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “As part of our ongoing commitment to Buying Better / Inspiring Change, we search out brands that put sustainable innovation at the heart of their business.

“We believe that our customers should have the choice to buy palm oil free products, and we will continue to celebrate brands who say no to deforestation.”