Idina Menzel Has The Most Iconic Way Of Confirming Surprise Frozen News

One word: Camp.
Idina Menzel voices Elsa in Frozen
Idina Menzel voices Elsa in Frozen
Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock/Disney

Idina Menzel’s reaction to the news another Frozen sequel is on the way is pure camp.

The musical theatre star, who voices Princess Elsa in the Disney franchise, has beside herself after it was confirmed Frozen 4 is coming, alongside the previously announced third instalment.

Idina shared a news story of the announcement with her social media followers alongside a video of late presenter Cilla Black singing the titular theme tune from her iconic UK TV show Surprise Surprise.

She then captioned it: “Surprise surprise #Frozen3 #Frozen4.”

Needless to say, users of X (formerly known as Twitter) couldn’t get over the way she’d shared the news:

On Thursday, Disney CEO confirmed news of the Frozen sequels during an appearance on Good Morning America, where he was live at Hong Kong Disneyland to open a new World Of Frozen themed land.

“Well, I’ll give you a little surprise there, Frozen 3 is in the works and there might be a Frozen 4 in the works too,” Iger said (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“But Jenn Lee, who created Frozen — the original Frozen and Frozen 2 — is hard at work with her team at Disney Animation on not one but actually two stories… A little scoop.”

The first instalment in the animated musical fantasy film was released in 2013, following sisters Elsa and Anna, the former of which isolates herself when her magic powers accidentally injure Anna and cause the kingdom of Arendelle to freeze over.

After becoming one of Disney’s biggest films ever – and spawning the smash hit song Let It Go – a sequel followed in 2019.

Frozen 3 was announced alongside a raft of other new Disney films back in February.

Idina previously told HuffPost UK of reprising her role: “It’s always a welcome reprieve to get in the studio and to work on Elsa. First of all, I can go in with no makeup, try things and make mistakes. There’s no pressure, that’s the really cool thing about voicing a role.

“I’m excited to see where they want to take the characters, I’m excited to sort of reunite with my friends and I’m excited that Frozen is so successful that it warrants a third film. That means so much to me.”


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