20/05/2017 18:43 BST

'If I Were Prime Minister....' Bury Voters Tell HuffPost UK Their Priorites

Taxing e-cigarettes, affordable childcare, less school testing

HuffPost UK

As part of our Beyond Brexit series, getting the views outside the London ‘bubble’, we talked to working class voters in Bury in Lancashire.

Each was asked what one thing they would do if they were Prime Minister.

Teacher Jack said he would cut the amount of testing of primary school pupils.

Youth worker Jo said she would focus Government policy on people who are “working very hard” but are “middle of the line” in incomes.

Phil, an NHS psychiatric nurse, said he would curb benefits for wealthy pensioners and tax e-cigarettes.

Sonia wanted more affordable childcare, while Stephen said comprehensive education needed a fresh boost.


HuffPost UK is looking at voters’ priorities outside the hubbub of the election campaign trail and what they want beyond March 29, 2019, not just June 8, 2017. Beyond Brexit leaves the bubble of Westminster and London talk to Britons left out of the conversation on the subjects they really care about, like housing, integration, social care, school funding and air quality.