Beyond Brexit

Chris Wylie said it is 'completely reasonable' to conclude Remain could have won.
Ensuring a well-functioning health service after Brexit is by no means impossible - but the challenges are significant
Leaving the EU will impact staffing, funding and research to name a few
If the prime minister and Brexit secretary want us to trust their promises on workers’ rights, they should put all options back on the negotiating table
It is deeply unhelpful for someone in the position of the Foreign Secretary to polarise the debate in this way
I don’t remember seeing a big red bus with the slogan ‘Vote Leave for less NHS spending, because we’ll have to blow it all on Brexit’
The Bill as it stands, unamended, would take that sovereignty away and put it in the hands of the Government. This is not what Brexit was supposed to be about. Hardline Brexiters should then be reminded that putting the power to make rules, regulations and laws in the way that the so-called 'Henry VIII' powers under Clause 7 of the Bill do may be 'OK' in the hands of Theresa May's government.
The relocation decisions are due on 22 November 2017 - three weeks from the time of writing. Twenty-three cities have thrown their hats in the ring, and there is no way of predicting the outcomes. But the decisions will send powerful signals about the EU and the political relations between the Member States.
About Beyond Brexit
About Beyond Brexit HuffPost UK is looking at voters' priorities outside the hubbub of the election campaign trail and what they want beyond March 29, 2019, not just June 8, 2017. Beyond Brexit leaves the bubble of Westminster and London talk to Britons left out of the conversation on the subjects they really care about, like housing, integration, social care, school funding and air quality.