27/05/2017 17:02 BST

'If I Were Prime Minister...’ Watford Voters Tell HuffPost UK Their Priorities

Social care, schools and fighting terrorism all feature.

As part of our Beyond Brexit series, we asked voters in Watford what they would do if they were prime minister.

In the wake of the row over Conservative social care policy, Lindsay, who works part time at a soft furnishing company and has three children, said she would invest “more money in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s”.

Tony, who used to work in a university and has three grown up children, also said he would block the so-called “dementia tax”.

Fiona, a part time project manger for a telecoms company with two young children, said she would invest more money in schools.

John said he would make higher education free for all, “because I believe you have got to invest in young people and education”.

Another John, a father of two who works in IT, said he would do “whatever I. could to make the country secure from international terrorism”,

The interviews took place on Thursday, May 25.

HuffPost UK is looking at voters’ priorities outside the hubbub of the election campaign trail and what they want beyond March 29, 2019, not just June 8, 2017. Beyond Brexit leaves the bubble of Westminster and London talk to Britons left out of the conversation on the subjects they really care about, like housing, integration, social care, school funding and air qualityThe members of the focus group,