alzheimer's disease

It can help improve memory, thinking, orientation, and even language.
"Sandwich generation" caregivers talk about how to help kids understand a relative's diagnosis.
"I don’t talk much about this ... Nobody knows what to say in response to my stories. Friends tell me I’m strong, that I’m handling it well. I am not."
"I see people that I have known for years, and I cannot tell you their name or how I know them."
Research suggests certain characteristics may be linked with the disease. Here's why, and what you can do about it.
Brain health specialists share the habits to avoid to best care for your mind.
"On my 43rd birthday, the card and the call never came. I was starting to fade from her mind."
Some symptoms can often be missed or confused with other conditions.
The 62-year-old former GMTV host received her diagnosis around 18 months ago.