04/12/2018 10:08 GMT

'I'm Celebrity' Stars Get A Taste Of 'Bake Off' As They Get Covered In Treacle

"This is the weirdest thing ever."

Hungry celebs licked treacle off Fleur East on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ last night, after her and Sair Khan had to take part in the muckiest Dingo Dollar Challenge yet.

After finding their way to the challenge, the pair were presented with a sign that said: “If you follow the recipe and make no mistake, winning the dollars will be a piece of cake.”

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Fleur East got covered in baking ingredients in the Dingo Dollar Challenge 

They were told they would be making a ‘Sick-toria Sponge cake’ and a ‘Key Lime Fly’. 

But everytime they opened the cupboard to get to retrieve flour, eggs, milk, treacle, custard, jam and lime juice, other ingredients were poured on their head. 

Things quickly descended into chaos when they had to throw ingredients at each other, as each cupboard only had some of the things they needed to bake. 

In the end, they won a cupcake for each of the other campmates, but for some, it wasn’t enough to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Rex Features
The hungry campmates couldn't resist licking the ingredients off Fleur

James McVey and others were soon surrounding Fleur, asking what she was covered in and if it was edible. 

When she told them it was treacle, they couldn’t resist a lick, to which Fleur responded: “This is the weirdest thing ever.”

‘I’m A Celebrity’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV. 

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