'I'm A Celebrity': Harry Redknapp Confesses To Accidentally Snubbing Prince Harry

"I thought 'I know him from somewhere, that geezer.'"

Harry Redknapp has hilariously recalled how he accidentally snubbed two members of the royal family on two separate occasions after failing to recognise them.

The football manager had his ‘I’m A Celebrity’ campmates in stitches as he told them of how he had encounters with Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice, completely unbeknown to him at the time.

Harry Redknapp
Harry Redknapp

Detailing a visit to his physiotherapist in Monday night’s episode, Harry said: “I go in there, I’m sitting there, I pick up the Evening Standard, and there’s two fellas stretching, one’s got a baseball cap on.

“Suddenly one of the guys says ‘Hi Harry’, I look up and go ‘alright mate’ and carried on reading the paper.

“I thought I know him from somewhere that geezer, did he used to play for me? I’m thinking who is he? Then suddenly come to me.

“It was Prince Harry,” he said. “And I’ve mated him, I’ve gone ‘alright mate’ and carried on reading the paper.”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

But that wasn’t his only tale of embarrassment in front of royalty, as Harry then went on to tell the camp of a dinner he had with his son Jamie, where there was a special guest in attendance.

“I walked in, and there’s a girl sitting there with a fella,” he explained. “They stand up and we all say hello but I miss her name, so I sit down facing this young girl and we start chatting.”

Revealing they spoke about how Harry’s nan had been a street bookmaker, he continued: “I’m telling this girl the story and she’s laughing and said ‘My grandmother loves horse racing’, I said ‘Really?’ she said ‘Yeah, last year when she won the Gold Cup at Ascot’.

He continued: “I thought, her nan must have a few quid, she then told me the horse and I thought, the Queen owned that horse!

“And then it came to me who she was, it was Princess Beatrice.”

Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice
PA Wire/PA Images

He added: “When we went out Jamie went, ‘You didn’t have a clue who she was did you?’ and I said ‘No, not a clue.’”


‘I’m A Celebrity’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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