24/11/2018 09:20 GMT

'I'm A Celebrity': James McVey And Nick Knowles Miss Out On Care Packages, And Viewers Are Not Happy

"Seeing them cry makes me want to sob."

‘I’m A Celebrity’ viewers were upset to see Nick Knowles and James McVey deprived of care packages in the most recent highlights episode.

During the show, Nick and James went alongside Anne Hegerty to try and win care packages for their teammates, by shooting as many terracotta pots with a crossbow as possible.

This being ‘I’m A Celebrity’, it wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds, with the three being covered in fish guts, crickets and other unpleasantries as they tried to take aim.

Harry Redknapp and Noel Edmonds

Between the three of them, they managed to win eight care packages for the camp, meaning three people would have to go without, as decided by Emperor Noel Edmonds and his advisor Harry Redknapp.

After conferring with one another, Noel and Harry decided that both Nick and James would be able to cope without their care packages (the former ‘Deal Or No Deal’ host got his automatically as “Emperor”.

Nick Knowles finds out he won't be getting a care package
James was visibly upset at not getting a care package

Harry also chose himself as one of the stars to go without.

Nick and James both appeared tearful, but understanding, of the fact they wouldn’t be receiving a care package, although that didn’t stop viewers on Twitter voicing their disapproval, particularly after all the pair have done for the team in the last week…

Noel Edmonds was a late addition to the camp earlier this week, and swiftly began ruffling feathers, with a number of contestants feeling he was taking his role as “Emperor” a little too seriously.

‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ airs every night on ITV.

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