Inquiry Into Process Used In Chilcot Inquiry Sees Twitter React With Utter Disbelief

How meta.

One of the processes used in the Chilcot Inquiry is now apparently due to get an inquiry of its own - and the reaction online has been one of downright disbelief.

The Times reported that MPs have appointed appointed financial services barrister Andrew Green, QC to “review the process” of Maxwellisation, which some have claimed has caused Chilcot to take so long.

Green will “assess the value” of Maxwellisation, which means that anyone criticised in the Chilcot inquiry has the right to respond before it is published.

Sir John Chilcot, leader of the inquiry into the Iraq War
Sir John Chilcot, leader of the inquiry into the Iraq War
David Cheskin/PA Wire

According to the New Statesman, this inquiry into the inquiry will be to find out what lessons can be learned about inquiries (are you following this?).

Green will be looking at Maxwellisation in light of the fact that it took regulators seven years on the failure of HBOS, although the process is one of the things which it has been suggested has delayed the publication of Chilcot for so long.

Social media users were in disbelief at the news…

According to the Guardian, Sir John Chilcot announced that his report is finally due to be published this summer after national security checks on its findings.