chilcot inquiry

Voters felt 'our elite, our toffs, our leaders up there are not listening to us'
Britain’s Brexit vote was fuelled in part by the loss of trust in politicians caused by Tony Blair’s war on Iraq, former
Former PM had 'personal, political and psychological dominance' over his ministers
Tony Blair’s case for war in Iraq went “beyond the facts” in a way that caused long-term damage to public trust in politics
The Conservative Party has become cavalier about the security of the United Kingdom. Labour is even worse. As the Liberal Democrats' record shows ours is the only party that has consistently acted as a mature, prudent defender of our country's security.
Tony Blair is being targeted by at least half a dozen lawyers who are combing the recently-released Chilcot report to find
MPs can make speech after speech about being one nation and working together but until they listen, understand and appear to act with integrity in a way that restores trust and above all, I believe, faith in both them and our democracy, I wonder still further about the protests we have yet to come.
But if we allow Blair to carry the blame for the disaster of Iraq alone we are deceiving ourselves. He was aided and abetted every step of the way by the Labour Party and the Conservatives, by the overwhelming majority of the British press, by vast sections of public opinion, both on the patriotic right and the worthy left -- in short, by the entire British Establishment.