Why Instagram Fitness Star Kelsey Well​s Wants You To Forget The Number You See On Your Bathroom Scales

Well said Kelsey 🙌💪

Sometimes it can be all too easy to stand on the scales and get hung up about the number you see.

But one woman wants you to ditch everything you believe about weight and start from scratch.

Instagram star Kelsey Wells, from My Sweat Life, has shared a photograph of her body at various weights to show that when you workout you will inevitably gain weight because you gain muscle. And that’s totally okay.

Wells, who is 5’ 7”, started Kayla Itsines’ BBG fitness program eight weeks after giving birth, weighing 145lbs.

“I weighed 130 before getting pregnant,” she explained in an Instagram post. “So based on nothing besides my own warped perception, I decided my ‘goal weight’ should be 122.”

She said that after a few months of following the fitness program, she hit her target weight and fitted into her size 0 jeans once more.

But, since then, she has gained 18lbs and has increased two jeans sizes.

“I ripped those skinny jeans wide open just the other week trying to pull them up over my knees,” she wrote.

“My point?? According to my old self and flawed standards, I would be failing miserably.

“THANK GOODNESS I finally learned to start measuring my progress by things that matter ― strength, ability, endurance, health, and HAPPINESS.”

She said that there is only a 5lbs difference between her weight when she started the program and now.

“But my body composition has changed COMPLETELY,” she added.

“I have never had more muscle and less body fat than I do now. I have never been healthier than I am now. I have never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am now.”

She said that if she hadn’t changed her mindset about weight, she would have given up on her fitness journey far too quickly.

She concluded: “To the little teeny tiny voice in the back of my head that still said ‘😳wtf is this- not 140!?😭😩’ last week when I stepped on the scale, I say SCREW. YOU.

“And I think you should probably say the same to your scale too.”

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