'It's Immoral': Former Military Chief In Outspoken Attack On Tories' Rwanda Policy

Major general Charlie Herbert said it would be "beyond shameful" in Afghan interpreters were deported there.

A former senior member of the British Army has launched an outspoken attack on the government’s “immoral” Rwanda policy.

Major general Charlie Herbert said it would be “beyond shameful” if Afghans who worked for the UK as interpreters during the war in their country ended up being deported to Africa.

Appearing on Sky News this morning, he was asked by presenter Kay Burley how he would feel if Afghan interpreters made it to the UK but were then sent to Rwanda.

He said: “I’d be beyond incensed. I don’t support the Rwanda policy, I think it’s immoral quite frankly, so that’s one thing.

“But to send Afghans who have escaped from the Taliban - particularly those that supported the United Kingdom and our allies - to Rwanda would be outrageous.

“The whole thing’s scandalous how we have treated these people. To do that would be beyond shameful.”

Herbert, who carried out three tours of duty in Afghanistan, is a former senior Nato adviser to the country’s interior ministry.

Rishi Sunak last week called on the House of Lords not to block his Safety of Rwanda Bill, which he said will finally lead to deportation flights to the east African country.


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