25/03/2016 16:02 GMT

Ivorians Return To Scene Of Al-Qaeda Attack In Defiant Music Video

'Not a bit afraid.'

Less than a fortnight after a deadly terror attack saw 19 tourists killed and dozens more injured at a popular beach resort in Ivory Coast, people have returned to the scene to film a remarkable act of defiance.

Ivorians confronted what is now a growing threat from terror groups in west Africa by producing a song entitled "Meme Pas Peur," or "Not a bit afraid".

And a music video filmed at the Grand Bassam beach resort depicts the scene of the atrocity at its most beautiful and idyllic. Watch the video, above.

Luc Gnago / Reuters
Ivorian police prepare to inspect the area of the hotel Etoile du Sud following an attack by gunmen at Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

On 13 March, six gunmen targeted hotels on a beach at Grand Bassam, a weekend retreat popular with westerners, before being killed in clashes with Ivorian special forces, Reuters reported.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which has carried out other recent attacks in the region, claimed responsibility for the shootings, according to the US-based SITE intelligence monitoring group, citing an AQIM statement.

A spate of shootings in countries in West Africa have raised concerns that Islamist militants are extending their reach beyond their traditional zones of operation in the Sahara and arid Sahel region.